The Genius Brand Genius Pre Reviews

Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant Free
Genius Pre Reviews
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About Genius Pre

Genius Pre is a stimulant-free pre-workout made by The Genius Brand. It was created to boost performance in the gym, improve focus and enhance muscle pumps.

As a stimulant-free product, it promises “zero jitters or crash”.

Genius Pre contains 13 main ingredients. L-citrulline malate and L-arginine are included to enhance vascularity and muscle pumps by boosting nitric oxide. Meanwhile, beta-alanine and Rhodiola rosea  are said to reduce muscle soreness and increase endurance.

To improve focus, the product also uses Alpha-GPC and huperzine A.

According to,  Genius Pre should bet taken 20-30 minutes before exercise.