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Steel Pump Reviews
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About Steel Pump

Steel Pump is a pump product made by SteelFit. It is designed to increase energy, boost stamina, enhance focus and promote muscle pumps.

The pre-workout features 15 ingredients, with the main ones featured in two blends: “The Steel Pump Performance Matrix” and the “Steel Pump Energy and Focus Blend”.

To enhance muscle pumps, SteelFit includes L-citrulline. The brand website states that this non-essential amino acid also increases muscle energy by eliminating “toxic byproducts” and “bringing additional blood”.

SteelFit also includes ashwagandha to “improve memory and cognition”, while beta-alanine is said to delay the “onset of fatigue during aerobic exercise”.

The product also includes caffeine and L-theanine to promote alertness, while the product’s “electrolyte blend” is used to help prevent dehydration.