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About Sparta Nutrition

Launched in February 2016, Sparta Nutrition is a supplement company based in Wayne, New Jersey.

It was founded by Mustafa Khawaja. The “serial entrepreneur” and fitness enthusiast started Sparta Nutrition LLC with his younger brother Murtaza Khawaja. The brothers say they have “one simple goal” in mind: to offer “real products” and “real results” to fitness enthusiasts with real goals in their sights.

They also want to stand apart with “the best formulas”, “edgy flavors” and “transparent formulas”. An article on the Priceplow blog calls the brothers “slick” and “well-dressed” - and a July 2018 rebranding of the brand’s products was designed to represent “the brothers behind the brand”.

Mustafa Khawaja is also owner and CEO of Khawaja Holdings, which owns 40 other companies in many sectors, including tech, nutrition, marketing and more.

According to the About section of the brand’s Facebook page, the company ignores hype, “flashy” marketing and endorsement programs. Instead, it focuses on products and customer service that get “you one step closer to achieving your fitness and lifestyle goals”.

To help achieve this promise, Sparta Nutrition produces all products at “one of the largest” FDA-audited and GMP-certified facilities in the US – and the brand says this plant has a 16/16 record.

In a press release published in August 2017, Sparta Nutrition says it saw 6500% growth from 2016 to 2017. When the company’s founder was featured on in September 2018, he reported that Sparta Nutrition offered in products in “almost 65 countries”.

The Sparta Nutrition product range include pre-workouts, post-workouts, fat burners, “natural muscle builders”, protein powders, BCAA and more. Products are available to buy from the brand website and from third-party retailers like Predator Nutrition, Vitamin Shoppe and

Sparta Nutrition’s most popular products are perhaps Spartan Whey (protein powder), Kraken (pre-workout) and Keto Coffee (MCT oil-based coffee).