Science In Sport REGO Rapid Recovery Reviews

Category: Protein
Sub Category: Post-Workout Protein
REGO Rapid Recovery Reviews
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About REGO Rapid Recovery

REGO Rapid Recovery is a post-workout protein made by Science in Sport (SiS). It is designed to help the body “recover” and “rebuild” after exercise.

A single 50g serving (approx. three full scoops) delivers 20g of protein and 22g of carbohydrates (including 5.1g of sugar and 0.3g of fiber). One portion also contains 1.3g of fat and 184 calories.

The manufacturer states that the product features a “complete amino acid profile”. This includes 2g of extra leucine – a branched-chain amino acid said to promote muscle protein synthesis.

As in the case of every Sis product, REGO Rapid Recovery has been tested for banned substances and is certified under the Informed-Sport program.