Science In Sport BCAA Perform Reviews

BCAA Perform Reviews
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About BCAA Perform

BCAA Perform is a BCAA supplement. It is made by Science in Sport (SiS) and is designed to “support  the maintenance of muscle mass”.

As the product name suggests, it contains branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). These include 3g of L-leucine, 1.5g of L-isoleucine and 1.5g of L-valine. This 2:1:1 ratio is said to be optimal for muscle growth and recovery.

In addition, glutamine (5g) is thought to reduce fatigue, while L-arginine may improve blood flow and reduce muscle soreness.

BCAA Perform is suitable for vegetarians. It is also free from gluten, wheat, nuts, milk and lactose.

The supplement is – or has been – sold in two flavors: “Summer Fruits” and “Pineapple”.