Science In Sport Advanced Isolate+ Reviews

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Advanced Isolate+ Reviews
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About Advanced Isolate+

Advanced Isolate+ is a whey protein powder made by Science in Sport (SiS). It is designed to be a low fat and low carbohydrate way to support lean muscle growth and maximize “training gains”.

One 40g portion provides 32g of protein, all of which derives from whey isolate. According to Science in Sport, this form of whey protein boasts “one of the highest-known protein digestion rates”.

A single serving also provides 2.g of carbohydrates, 0.9g of fat and 0.22g of salt.

The product contains extra leucine, which is thought to boost protein synthesis and aid recovery.

Advanced Isolate+ is – or has been – sold in three flavors: “Strawberry”, “Mint Chocolate” and “Chocolate Orange”.