Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Stacked NO Pump Shot Reviews

Stacked NO Pump Shot Reviews
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About Stacked NO Pump Shot

Stacked NO Pump Shot is a pump product made by Ronnie Coleman Signature Series.

Described on as the “first of its kind liquid pump shot” and as a “blood volume enhancer”,  this product is intended as a liquid version of the brand’s Stacked-NO capsules and powder.

The supplement contains glycerol, which is said to be a hydrating agent that can allow the body to hold more water and increase muscle pumps. L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid which is thought to increase nitric oxide and further enhance muscle pumps.

Stacked NO Pump Shot is – or has been – for sale in a number of flavors. These include “Cotton Candy”, “Mango Pineapple”, “Sour Apple” and “Unicorn Juice”.