Prozis Sport Beta-Alanine Reviews

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Beta-Alanine Reviews
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About Beta-Alanine

Prozis Sport Beta-Alanine is intended to boost endurance and delay fatigue.

The product contains a single nutrient in powder: pure beta-alanine (2000mg per serving and 6000mg “per daily intake”). This product is not to be confused with the capsule-based Beta-Alanine from Prozis Sport – that one provides a daily portion of 4200mg.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid. It is said to help increase carnosine levels, which could then reduce lactic-acid buildup and prevent premature fatigue during exercise.

Prozis Sport Beta-Alanine powder is sold in 150g, 300g, 600g and 900g containers. The product is unflavored.