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About Propello Life

Propello Life is a “holistic” supplement company based in Dublin, Ohio. It launched in July 2016.

The company’s founders are Brian and Duke Armstrong. The brothers wanted – and still want - to provide the means through which their customers can “live healthy, holistic lifestyles”. The co-founders set out to achieve this by creating supplements that are free from GMO and artificial or “unnecessary” ingredients, while also being “sustainable” and “great tasting” with “minimal processing”.

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of the company – and he has a respected career in the supplement industry. In fact, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Natrol from 2014 to 2015, and Vice President of Sales at Vital Pharmaceuticals (VPX ) between 2015 and 2016.

The CEO says his time in the supplement industry led him to seek a “simple” answer to the “confusing world of supplements with unnecessary ingredients”. As well as making and selling supplements, Propello Life seeks to educate people about the seven “aspects of a healthy, whole life” – principles upon which the co-founders say the brand is based. These seven aspects are: “Nourishment”, “Movement”, “Passion”, “Rejuvenation”, “Love”, “Mind” and “Spirit”.

The Propello Life product line includes amino acids, whey protein, vegan protein, and a pre-workout - each one bearing a label defining them as non-GMO. The brand designs supplements for everyone from “weekend warriors”, bodybuilders, professional athletes, yogis, “adventurers” and even “fitness-minded parents”.

On the “Our Promise” section of the brand’s Amazon page, it states that all Propello products are made in facilities which comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). As a result, it also uses the “highest quality packaging materials”, in addition to the “highest quality ingredients”.

As well as supplements, the Propello Life site also provides “healthy recipes”. Meanwhile, the brand’s blog offers advice on how to live a holistic lifestyle – and on how to use holistic methods to battle everything from depression to excess weight after an indulgent Christmas.