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About PrimaForce

PrimaForce is a supplement brand based in Burlington, North Carolina.

The brand is owned by Disruptive Enterprises, LLC. The two other brands in the parent company’s stable are Ketologic and FBOMB.

Co-founder Mike McCandless is the founder of several supplement brands, including Scivation. Disruptive Enterprise’s other two co-founders are Mike Hockenberry and Brian Kinn.

The people behind PrimaForce say the brand’s mission is to “provide customers with high-quality products at affordable prices”. It offers different supplements to help users improve quality of life, body composition and performance. The brand follows its parent company’s mission to “help more people realize the benefits of a ketogenic diet”.

The brand’s part-focus on the ketogenic is inspired by co-founder Mike Hockenberry’s change to the zero-carb diet – he says “it changed [his] life” by helping to give him back the energy and sleep quality he needed to maintain success in his career and personal life.

The company About page says that all ingredients are “pharmaceutical-grade” and adhere to the latest research. The label of every PrimaForce product states that it was “produced in a GMP-compliant facility”. Each one is “lab-tested for potency and purity”.

Whereas most supplements brands tend to focus mainly on blends of different ingredients, PrimaForce mostly sells supplements containing just one nutrient. Types of product include Yohimbine HCI, Citrulline Malate (for muscle strength and performance), Beta-Alanine (to reduce fatigue), and Teacrine (for energy and focus).

Its Yohimbine HCI supplement has been reviewed by the Hodge Twins (bodybuilders and YouTube stars).  

The brand also offers a “PrimaForce Keto” range of two products: PrimaForce KetoShake (meal replacement) and PrimaForce BHB (suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism) . As their names suggest, these products are designed for people on ketogenic diets – and both supplements carry the “Keto Approved” stamp. The meal-replacement shakes also contain grass-fed whey and are gluten-free.

PrimaForce’s website even includes keto-friendly recipes, while its Articles section offers advice on different ingredients and supplements.