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About Predator Nutrition

Predator Nutrition is a supplement company based in Leeds in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

The brand was founded in 2009 and was incorporated as Predator Nutrition Limited in June 2011. It was founded by Rajinder Singh Johal (also known as Reggie Johal), who remains the company’s managing director.

Mr. Johal began the company from his family home, having previously worked at Deloitte and Touche in London. The founder says that his interest in supplements began due to his need to get “bigger” and “faster” and to “bulk up more quickly” when playing American football. He then started Predator Nutrition as means of selling supplements that had only previously been sold in the United States.

The company has a presence both online and in brick and mortar stores. Its “flagship" store is in Leeds, but it also has a store in Manchester, UK.

The company sells own-branded products, as well as those from other brands. In fact, the people behind Predator Nutrition are “exclusive [UK] distributors” of products from Driven Sports, Nuts ‘N More, PEScience, MTS Nutrition and more.

The brand says that it specializes “in products for guys who want to get big”. As a result, it focuses mainly on bodybuilding supplements.

Predator Nutrition’s own products include Predator Whey (protein powder), Tudca Elite (liver support), phosphatic acid (muscle builder) and ashwagandha (Ayurvedic herb for improving “health”).

The company also sells ZMA Elite – an own-branded product that it calls one of the “very few EU ZMA brands” containing the forms and dosages used in studies on the ZMA blend.

Predator Nutrition Limited is also the owner of the Hydrapharm trademark; these products are available through, Predator Nutrition outlets and third-party retailers.

According to an article on The Retail Bulletin website, the company’s sales and profits rose by “over 50%” at the start of 2013.