PhD Nutrition Pre Workout Pump Reviews

Pre Workout Pump Reviews
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About Pre Workout Pump

Pre Workout Pump is made by PhD Nutrition. It was developed to “deliver awesome pumps” during exercise and is also known as Pre-Wkt Pump.

The formula features 12 ingredients. These include arginine AKG, which is thought to increase nitric oxide, improve blood flow to the muscles and enhance vasodilation. Citrulline malate is a precursor to arginine and is also said to increase nitric oxide.

In addition, taurine may draw water to muscle cells for extra ‘volume’, while L-norvaline and beetroot may raise blood flow alongside arginine and citrulline malate.

PhD Nutrition Pre Workout Pump is – or has been – sold in “Fruit Punch” and “Raspberry Lemonade” flavors.

The product is vegan-friendly.