PhD Nutrition Pre Workout Perform Reviews

Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant
Pre Workout Perform Reviews
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About Pre Workout Perform

Pre Workout Perform is made by PhD Nutrition – and is one of three pre-workouts in the brand’s range. The product is also known as PhD Pre-Wkt Perform.

The PhD Nutrition website states that this product is designed for anyone who wishes to “sprint faster”, “run longer” or “perform better”.

The product contains ingredients that are common in this type of product. One example is creatine, a naturally occurring compound which is said to boost endurance in short bursts of high-intensity exercise.

The product also features beta-alanine – a modified amino acid thought to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and help delay fatigue.

The product’s flavors include – or have included – “Fruit Punch” and “Sour Apple”.