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Diet Whey Reviews
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About Diet Whey

Diet Whey Protein is PhD Nutrition. It is formulated as a low fat, low sugar and low salt alternative to non-diet whey protein powders. According to, it is the manufacturer’s best-selling product.

Each 25g portion (one scoop) provides 17g of protein. This is sourced from a blend of whey concentrate and milk protein concentrate (80% of which is micellar casein).

One serving also offers 91 calories, 1.4g of fat and 2.8g of carbohydrates (which include 0.8g of fiber and 1.3g of sugar).

The product also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is said to promote weight loss.

Diet Whey Protein is vegetarian and halal. It is also free from palm oil and GMO.