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About PharmaFreak

Founded in 2008, PharmaFreak is a popular supplement brand based in Vancouver, Canada.

The brand is owned by SAGA Sciences Inc. Saga founders, Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau, are also the faces of the PharmaFreak brand. The parent company’s other brand is SD Pharmaceuticals, which sells single-ingredient supplements.

Gauvreau has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education. According his LinkedIn page, the former elementary-school teacher is now known as “The Supplement Godfather” due to both his supplement knowledge and his knack for finding new ingredients. Gauvreau is also a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (CSCS).

His co-founder, Savva, has a bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education. In 2004, Savva formed CircuitFIT, an “exclusive” fitness and yoga studio in Toronto. Together, the co-founders have decades of experience in the fitness, health and supplement industries.

On the brand’s website, the PharmaFreak’s founders say they started it as a “response to the consumer’s desire (and their own desire) for more potent products”.

The brand also says that it uses “state-of-the-art scientific research” and “clinically proven ingredients” in its supplements, all of which are made to “the highest level GMP quality control standards”. The parent company’s website adds that “PharmaFreak is a dedicated industry leader” and creates the “world’s strongest supplements”. 

The PharmaFreak range includes fat burners, testosterone boosters, pre-workouts, nootropics, and sleep and recovery products.

Perhaps the brand’s best-known products are Test Freak (testosterone booster) and Ripped Freak (fat burner). Test Freak contains “anti-DHT ingredients and is designed to “promote muscle growth and strength”. Ripped Freak is a “hybrid” fart burner designed to help users not only lose fat, but “maximize intensity, energy and strength”.

PharmaFreak brand ambassadors include – or have included - Patrick MacInnis (natural men’s physique pro), Alicia Bell (CPA figure athlete), Trent Vilio (CBBF national men’s physique athlete), and TJ Bacquainn (model and personal trainer).