Performance Inspired Nutrition Explosive Pre-Workout Reviews

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Sub Category: Stimulant
Explosive Pre-Workout Reviews
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About Explosive Pre-Workout

Explosive Pre-Workout is manufactured by Performance Inspired Nutrition. It was created to increase strength, stamina and focus.

The product features 10 main ingredients. These include caffeine (from green tea), which is widely thought to increase concentration, motivation and endurance. Arginine alpha keta glutarate (AAKG) and L-citrulline are both said to boost nitric oxide production improve stamina and promote stronger muscle pumps.

Furthermore, creatine is believed to raise muscle energy (ATP), while beta-alanine could help prevent the build up of hydrogen ions and lactic acid, which in turn may delay fatigue.

Flavors include – or have included - “Tropical Fruit Punch” and “Raspberry Lemonade”.