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About Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is a keto-friendly supplement company based in Austin, Texas in the United States. Its full name is Perfect Keto LLC.

The company was founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin in 2016. On his LinkedIn Page, Dr. Gustin describes himself as a “former sports rehab and functional medicine clinician”. According to the brand website, the founder started the company to “promote better health” and to enable users “get more out of keto”.

To help achieve this, Dr. Gustin defines a “healthy way and an unhealthy way” to “do keto” and states that “we’re the healthy way”. As a result, the company promises products that contain “clean ingredients” which “support weight loss” and help users “feel energized” and “enjoy tasty food”.

All Perfect Keto products are free from grains/gluten, soy, corn, peanuts and sugar.

Perfect Keto products are split into three main categories: “Keto Essentials”, “Snacks & Nutrition” and “Energy & Performance”.

The Keto Essentials section includes Exogenous Ketone Base, Keto Collagen Protein, MCT Oil Powder and Electrolytes. Meanwhile, the Snacks & Nutrition category features Instant Keto Coffee and Perfect Keto Nut Butter, while users will find Keto Nootropic and Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder under “Energy & Performance”.

According to the website, Perfect Keto products have featured in Reader’s Digest, Women’s Health, New York magazine and Popsugar. The website also displays a positive testimonial from Joe Rogan – a standup comedian and podcast host. lists Perfect Keto bars at number one on its list of “delicious keto bars”, while New York magazine lists the company’s MCT Oil Powder as a supplement to take when trying to prevent Keto Flu.

The brand website also features a Keto Macro Calculator. This tool is designed to “find the exact amount of carbs, fat and protein [they] need on the ketogenic diet”, which in turn could help the user “lose, gain, or maintain weight”.