Orgain Organic Protein Powder Reviews

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Organic Protein Powder Reviews
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About Organic Protein Powder

Organic Protein Powder is a plant protein powder made by Orgain. It is intended as a vegan alternative to protein taken from dairy or other animal sources.

Each 46g (two-scoop) serving delivers 21g of protein, which derives from a blend of peas, brown rice and chia seeds. One portion also provides 4g of total fat, 15g of total carbohydrates (zero sugar) and 7g of dietary fiber.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder is certified vegan and USDA Organic. It is available in seven flavors: “Creamy Chocolate Fudge”, “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup”, “Peanut Butter”, “Iced Matcha Latte”, “Natural Unsweetened, “Vanilla Almond” and “Vanilla Bean”.