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About Orgain

Founded in 2008, Orgain is an organic supplement company based in Irvine, California. The company’s name combines the words “organic” and “gain”. 

Its founder is Andrew Abraham – a cancer survivor, medical doctor and entrepreneur. According to a video on the company website, Abraham’s interest in nutrition began after he started following a healthy diet to help recuperate from cancer while in high school.

The founder later became a medical doctor. However, he decided to start Orgain  after his research in nutrition highlighted the lack of truly healthy ready-made shakes on the market. With this in mind, all Orgain products are free from artificial and genetically-modified ingredients. They are also free from gluten and soy, while most are “certified organic” by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Dr Abraham says his cancer diagnosis showed that “good nutrition is critical”. Yet he also says he recognizes that most ready-made shakes contain what he sees as ingredients to avoid. He started Orgain to create ready-to-drink shakes that combine convenience with genuine nutrition. Abraham says he achieved this by taking existing products and “swapping the bad ingredients for good ingredients”.

The brand’s product range includes protein powders, shakes and bars, as well as almond milk, nutritional shakes and powders. The range also features vegan-friendly supplements, while the brand’s nutritional shake is kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. 

The Orgain website vows to provide “superior” quality, clean, organic protein to help you “fuel your best self”.

Orgain’s whole product range is made in the United States. Its manufacturing facilities also follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and observe a strict “allergen control plan” to help avoid contamination. To further ensure quality, the company also says it requires a Certificate of Analysis from all suppliers of its raw materials.