Opti Nutra Performance Lab Sleep Reviews

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Performance Lab Sleep Reviews
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About Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab Sleep is a sleep aid from Opti-Nutra (as part of the Performance Lab subsidiary). It is designed to provide “nightly regeneration support for peak daytime performance”.

This sleep aid features three ingredients: magnesium, whole Montmorency tart cherry (as CherryPURE®) and L-tryptophan (as TryptoPure®).

The product contains three forms of magnesium. This mineral is said to play a vital role in 300 biochemical reactions in the body – including the ability to “fall asleep and stay asleep”.

Furthermore, L-tryptophan could provide what Performance Lab calls “mood and sleep support”.

The manufacturer also states that Performance Lab Sleep is vegan, non-GMO and is free from gluten, soy, synthetic additives and banned substances.