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Earth Grown Nutrients Reviews
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About Earth Grown Nutrients

Earth Grown Nutrients is a greens supplement made by Onnit. It is formulated to help support “optimal health and performance”. The product is also known as EGN for short.

According to the Onnit website, Earth Grown Nutrients features "some of the world’s most renowned natural ingredients". These are split among five separate proprietary blends. The “Onnit Power Greens Blend” features vegetables, grasses and herbs, which are rich in micronutrients and may help reduce acidity and general health.

The “Onnit Champion Blend” uses a mix of camu camu extract, acai and Peruvian purple corn, which could help neutralize free radicals and improve long-term health.

Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients is – or has been – sold in two flavors: “Lemon Mint” and “Black Cherry”.