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About Nuts N More

Nuts ‘N More is a company which makes protein-filled peanut butter. It is based in Providence, Rhode Island.

The company’s founder and CEO is Peter Ferreira – who first went into business as a 13-year-old when he began cutting his friends’ hair. Years later, he saw a need for an “in-between snack meal” that gives users the “macros they need”. In a video on his brand’s site, Ferreira says that the vision behind Nuts ‘N More is to “help people unleash their fitness and health potential” through a strong “work ethic”.  

Ferreira launched Nuts ‘N More in 2010, when he began selling his high-protein peanut butter in local supplement stores in Rhode Island. The same year, the fledgling company gained some nationwide exposure when reality TV star Pauly D (Jersey Shore) was seen using one of the brand’s products.  

In 2015, Ferreira and his colleagues featured on Shark Tank – the TV show on which entrepreneurs vie for investment from eagle-eyed investors. The company successfully raised $250,000 for 35% of their business from Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. And that’s not all – two weeks later, the it made another quarter million dollars due to its exposure on the ABC show.

According to an article on, the company had made “about $100,000 in sales” before Shark Tank aired – over five years. But as of August 2018, Nuts ‘N More had begun turning over $6 million in sales per year and had made a total $30 million since its inception.

This came after deals with several supermarket chains. In addition, users can now find the brand’s products in 4000 GNC stores across the US. Nuts ‘N More also sells products through its own website and through Amazon. Products are available in the UK through Predator Nutrition and other third-party sites.

Nuts ‘N More’s high-protein product line includes snack packs, butters, vegan peanut butter, dips, peanut butter truffle bites, almond-infused isolates and peanut powders.