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About Nutrology

Launched in 2012, Nutrology is a “clean label” supplement company based in West Berlin, New Jersey. Its founder, owner and manager is Scott Tull.

On the “Why Nutrology” page of the brand website, the company says that it sources all its protein powders “from grass-fed cows” – and this is the essence of the Nutrology USP. As part of its “clean” ethos, the company stays away from cattle-fed antibiotics and Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) – which the brand says can cause a range of harmful conditions in humans.

The company follows a “list of standards” to ensure those who use its “effective” products remain “safe” and “healthy”. It also follows guidelines put in place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). What’s more, all Nutrology products are manufactured at both NSF and GMP-certified facilities.

In fact, Nutrology promises “premium raw materials” and “easy to read labels” with the doses of each ingredient clearly stated. It also uses “efficacious” dosages based on the latest “scientific studies”. Meanwhile, it goes to great pains to make sure none of its products contain artificial ingredients, while “independent third party testing” ensures all Nutrology products meet label claims.

All of this helps Nutrology make products which adhere to its core values: “Transparency”, “Efficacy”, “Safety”, and “Honesty”.

The brand goes on to assert that it began making and selling plant-based products and grass-fed whey long before these practices became fashionable.

The Nutrology product range features a host of “natural” products. These include BCAA Natural, Microfine Chia Powder, Natural Pre-Workout Drinks and Zen Natural (magnesium). The brand calls it Grass-Fed Whey Protein “the cleanest [of its kind] on the planet”. In addition, third-party testing has verified that all products contain low – and therefore safe – levels of heavy metals.