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About NutraKey

Founded in 2010, NutraKey is a supplement brand based in Longwood, Florida.

Its parent company is MicroCaps Labs Inc, which also owns REPP Sports – which (as its name suggests) focus on sports supplements. NutraKey also makes products for sports enthusiasts, in addition to supplements for the health and wellness markets. MicroCaps Labs is a manufacturer with its own facilities. The parent company was also founded in 2010 – and its CEO is Chris Wagner.

According to the NutraKey website, all products are made at its 30,000 sq. ft. FDA-approved facilities, all of which comply with GMP standards. As a result, all items are subject to strict quality controls at every stage of production.

The website adds that the company may sometimes outsource production due to “extreme demand” – but “99%” of its manufacturing takes place in-house. When it does use a third-party manufacturer, the people behind the brand ensure that the FDA-inspected facilities in question follow the same high quality standards that users would expect from the brand.

NutraKey assures customers that all its “product descriptions are rooted in scientific research” and provide precise information about ingredients and how to use them. The manufacturer doesn’t shy away from customer feedback either – it provides honest reviews next to the copy for each product.

The NutraKey product range includes pre-workouts, protein powders, post-workout and recovery products, fat burners and “support” for men’s and women’s health. 

NutraKey products are available to buy direct from the manufacturer and from independent retailers like and Amazon.

On third-party websites, NutraKey’s best-selling product is perhaps the aptly-named Creatine Monohydrate, which comes in both capsule and powder form. Its Whey Optima protein powder also boasts a number of positive reviews on the brand website, as well as on third-party retailers’ sites and on YouTube.

NutraKey’s guiding principle is “make life better”, which it says permeates everything it does – from product design to formulation.