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About NutraChamps

NutraChamps is a “nutritional supplement company” based in North York, Ontario in Canada. Its official name is Nutrachamps Inc.

The company was founded in May 2016 by Sam Davies, who remains the principal and CEO. According to Mr. Davies’ LinkedIn page, his company’s culture is “rooted in growth, passion, quality, transparency and innovation”.

NutraChamps was listed in Canada Business’ Startup 50 in September 2019; in fact, it was Canada’s second-fastest-growing startup company that year. NutraChamps posted revenues of $10-20 million in 2018, with a two-year growth of 5799%.

According to, the people at the company are “obsessed with finding new ways to do things better”. To achieve this, they say they mix their “love for the earth and natural medicine” with “research-based science”.

The NutraChamps product range is divided into 13 different categories: “Beauty”, “Cognitive Health”, “Digestion”, “Bones & Joints”, “Energy”, “Immune Support”, “Heart Health”, “Men’s Health”, “Sexual Health”, “Sleep”, “Stress & Anxiety Relief”, “Weight Management” and “Women’s Health”.

As part of its stated desire to “set a new standard” and deliver “exceptional quality”, the manufacturer says its products are “third-party tested, “GMP certified”, non-GMO and “free of stearates and fillers”.

All products are also “proudly made” in the United States.

To illustrate the brand’s “confidence” in its supplements, it offers a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee” to help ensure its users’ “complete satisfaction”. The products are available from the company website, through Amazon and various third-party retailers.

The people behind NutraChamps are also “proud supporters” of Vitamin Angels. This non-profit organization seeks to “end global malnutrition” by providing “lifesaving” vitamins to “new mothers and their children”. A percentage of every NutraChamps purchase goes to “a child or mother in need through Vitamin Angels”.