NutraBio PRE Extreme Reviews

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PRE Extreme Reviews
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About PRE Extreme

Made by NutraBio, PRE Extreme is the company’s original pre-workout formula.

The product’s main ingredient is cluster dextrin (15g), which along with yohimbe HCL (4g), is included to supply glycogen to the muscles to increase energy and focus. Yohimbe is also said to promote fat burning.

PRE Extreme also holds 2500mg of beta-alanine. NutraBio says this modified amino acid may help reduce “hydrogen ion accumulation”, which in turn could increase endurance and lower fatigue.

Meanwhile, creatine (here in the form of the patented Pharmapure) is said to boost strength and enhance muscle growth.

PRE Extreme is suitable for vegetarians and free is from allergens (including gluten), as well as GMO.