NOW Spirulina Powder Reviews

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Spirulina Powder Reviews
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About Spirulina Powder

Now Spirulina Powder is made by Now Foods.

The product is sold as a way to achieve “numerous health benefits”. Although these benefits are not specified on the Now Foods website, they could include the ability to reduce cholesterol, lower nasal congestion, improve muscular endurance and lose weight.

Spirulina is this product’s sole active ingredient. This blue-green algae extract is thought to comprise 55-70% protein and is said to be rich in vitamin B12 – making it a potential source of energy.

A single serving of Now Spirulina Powder delivers 15 calories, 1g of total carbohydrates, 2g of protein, 1.6mg of iron and 56mg of potassium.

There are approximately 34 servings in every  4oz. (113g) bottle. It is also sold in 1lb (454g) and 4lb (1814g) containers.