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About Nordic Naturals

Founded in 1995, Nordic Naturals is based in Watsonville, California.

The company’s CEO and founder is Joar Opheim – a Norway native who came to the US to complete his MBA. According to the Nordic Naturals “story”, the company was born when he couldn’t find the high-quality “omega-rich cod liver oil” that was so common in Scandinavia – and saw a gap in the market for “pure, fresh omega-3 nutrients”, which it asserts just didn’t exist in the US back in the eighties.

The website credits Nordic Naturals with “revolutionizing omega-3s” since its inception. The site even asserts that the brand’s products would go on to “change the way Americans perceived fish oil”.

Opheim’s continuing “vision” for Nordic Naturals is to “do whatever it takes to offer high-quality nutrients that bring health benefits to as many as possible”.

In 2011, Nordic Naturals announced that it opened a new “eco-friendly” based in Watsonville. The headquarters were assessed by NSF International – and the company now boasts Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification. This acts as proof that Nordic Naturals’ facilities meet strict guidelines in place to protect public health.

Nordic Naturals says it sources it omega-3-rich products from “the cleanest waters on Earth”. To preserve purity, the company bottles all its fish oils in an “oxygen-free, nitrogen-rich environment”.

The Nordic Naturals website boasts a “Certificate of Analysis” page. Any customer wishing to verify the safety, purity or potency of their purchase can type in their lot number – and doing so will bring up the certificate of analysis for that particular product.

Nordic Naturals dedicates its entire product line to four types of supplements: Omega-3 fish oils, vitamins, gummies, marine collagen creams, melatonin, ubiquinol and more. All products are free from dairy, gluten, and GMO. Meanwhile, the brand says it never uses any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in its products.