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About NooWave Supplement Co.

The NooWave Supplement Co. is based in Boise, Idaho in the United States.

Its unusual story began in 2005 when CEO and co-founder, Bobby Dalton, tried a “pre-workout called N.O. Xplode”, which sparked the CEO’s “innate” interest in “hitting the gym” and “working out”. Dalton’s co-founder is his wife, Maggie.

According to the NooWave Supplement Co. website, Dalton’s interest in supplementation was a “compelling by-product” of his use of the well-known pre-workout from BSN. After looking for other supplements that fulfilled his physical and mental needs, he found the best way forward was to dissect his favorites and create his own stacks using a number of different raw ingredients.

After “decades of frustration” with the current market and years of experimentation, NooWave Supplement Co. finally released its flagship product – the “revolutionary” The High Performer. This cognitive enhancer is designed to improve “focus, ambition and performance” through “elevated mental focus” and “physical energy”.

Although this product is not as well-known as some nootropics, it boasts some great online feedback – including many 5/5 star reviews on Amazon. The NooWave range also includes The Socialite – with the tagline “charisma in a pill”, it’s designed to boost “energy”, “confidence” and “happiness”.

With every product, NooWave Supplement Co. promises properly dosed formulas and affordable prices. All products come with a “45-day 100% money-back guarantee”. 

The brand’s supplements are made in an FDA-approved facility based in the United States. In addition, the facility complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). With this in mind, the brand asserts that all products are pure, safe and “supported by decades of scientific research”.

NooWave supplements are available through the company website ( and through third parties like Amazon.