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Super Greens Reviews
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About Super Greens

Super Greens is a greens supplement made by Nested Naturals. It is designed to support the user’s “brain power”, “immune health” and “digestive health”, while also boosting energy.

The formula is split into five different blends: “Alkalizing Blend”, “Fiber Blend”, “Antioxidant/Immune Blend”, “Probiotic Blend” and “DigeZyme”.

As its name suggests, the Alkalizing Blend is designed to reduce acidity. The Fiber Blend, Probiotic Blend and DigeZyme blend may aid digestion.

In addition, the Antoxidant/Immune Blend is designed to boost the immune system.

The product is available in two flavors: “Super Greens – Original” and “Supergreens Chocolate”.

There are 30 servings in every 8.5 oz (240g) container.