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About Nested Naturals

Nested Naturals is a supplement company based in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Its official name is Nested Naturals Inc.

The “Our Story” section of the brand website states that the company founded Nested Naturals in 2013. According to the Better Business Bureau, it was incorporated on March 23rd, 2014. Jeremy Sherk is president and director, while his co-founder Kevin Pasco runs the marketing department.

In a YouTube video posted by Mr. Sherk in May 2019, both he and Mr. Pasco describe their journey from being “two dudes on laptops” to “hiring a team of 17+ people”, and on to opening a “2000+ sq. ft. office in downtown Vancouver”. Mr. Pasco also says they achieved this with “a very weird, but effective culture”.

The co-founders declare that they started the company as a reaction against supplements that didn’t meet their own high standards. Since the company’s launch, the company says it uses “evidence-based science” to create its products.

The website also states the people behind Nested Naturals “believe in the natural healing power of food” and in “sustainability”. For this reason, the brand’s entire range is non-GMO and mostly “vegan”. The brand says it makes a “conscious effort” to avoid “common allergens” like gluten, soy, dairy, nuts and egg. All products are also free from preservatives.

Nested Naturals also follows a policy of “honesty and transparency”. By “putting transparency first” from the brand’s inception, the two co-founders also declare a major part in what they say is now a “mainstream” desire among supplement buyers “to see what’s actually in the product”.

Nested Naturals supplements are split into three main categories: “Sleep”, “Wake” and “Thrive”. In the Sleep section “LUNA” is a supplement that is said to aid “restful sleep”. In the “Wake” section, “Super Greens” may help boost energy levels and enhance nutrition.