Naked Nutrition Energy Pre Workout Reviews

Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant
Energy Pre Workout Reviews
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About Energy Pre Workout

Naked Energy is a pre-workout manufactured by Naked Nutrition. It is designed to give the user the energy they “need to take [their] workouts to the next level” by using the “cleanest” possible ingredients.

The Naked Energy formula contains 10 ingredients. These include beta-alanine (as CarnoSyn ®) and creatine monohydrate – both of which are said to help increase endurance and reduce fatigue during exercise. Creatine is thought to work by increasing muscle energy, and beta-alanine is believed to function by reducing lactic acid buildup.

In addition, L-arginine could help reduce muscle soreness and promote pumps, while caffeine is widely used to increase energy and focus.

Each Naked Energy container holds 50 servings (100 scoops).