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Impact Protein Blend Reviews
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About Impact Protein Blend

As its name signifies, Impact Protein Blend is a blended protein powder made by MyProtein. It is designed to help increase protein intake to support muscle repair and growth.

One 30g portion of Impact Protein Blend offers 21g of protein, most of which comes from a blend of whey concentrate (76%) and whey isolate (16%). The supplement also supplies 2g of total fat and 3g of total carbohydrates, as well as 1.5g of sugar per serving.

Impact Protein Blend is – or has been – available in five flavors: “Cookies & Cream”, “Chocolate Smooth”, “Salted Caramel”, “Strawberry Cream” and “Vanilla”.

This product is available in 2.2lb, 5.5lb and 11lb resealable pouches.