MuscleTech Platinum 100% Carnitine Reviews

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Platinum 100% Carnitine Reviews
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About Platinum 100% Carnitine

Platinum 100% Carnitine is made and sold by MuscleTech. It is sold as a way to minimize muscle damage and promote recovery after resistance exercise.

The product contains 500mg of L-carnitine (as L-carnitine L-tartrate) – the product’s main ingredient. The compound is said to reduce ammonia and creatine kinase, which could help reduce fatigue.

L-carnitine is also thought to support strength increases and to reduce fat mass.

According to the MuscleTech website, Platinum 100% Carnitine undergoes “strict quality control” and is third-party tested to ensure “purity, quality and consistency”.

The product is available in 60-capsule, 180-capsule and “trial-size” bottles.