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Carnivor Mass Reviews
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About Carnivor Mass

Carnivor Mass is a weight gainer/beef protein powder made by MuscleMeds. It is designed to help the user build muscle mass and gain weight.

One serving (four scoops) of Carnivor Mass contains 50g, which comes from hydrolyzed beef protein isolate. It also delivers 720 calories, 2g of total fat and 125g of total carbohydrates (which include <1g of dietary fiber and zero total sugar).

The product is also free from lactose, cholesterol and gluten. It has also been tested by Informed-Choice and is now certified free from banned substances.

Carnivor Mass is – or has been – sold in four flavors: “Chocolate Fudge”, “Chocolate Peanut Butter”, “Strawberry” and “Vanilla Caramel”.