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About Muscle Pharm

Founded in 2010, MusclePharm is based in Burbank, California.

The company calls itself “The Athlete’s Company” – an apt name for a company started by Brad Pyatt (former NFL wide receiver) and Cory J. Gregory (former professional bodybuilder).

In its relatively short lifetime, MusclePharm has grown a reputation for high-quality supplements and big-name users all over the world. 

Its products include protein powders, mass gainers, creatines, BCAA, pre-workouts, post-workouts, fat burners and more. Its endorsers have included Colin Kaepernick (NFL quarterback), the UFC, and Bryce Harper (MLB right fielder), and Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor and former bodybuilder).

In a spirit of “full transparency”, the company set up the “science-driven website”, This provides information about the its manufacturing methods. MusclePharm says it uses a “six-stage research process” to develop its products:

1.       Vision

2.       Formulation

3.       Research and clinical university studies

4.       Athlete protocol

5.       Quality assurance

6.       Banned substance certifications

Several MusclePharm products carry “third-party certifications” from Informed-Choice and Informed-Sport. This allows the company to declare its output “trusted by sport”. also provides studies from universities across the world to show the positive effects of its products. The ‘Product Education” part of the website also goes into some detail about each of its supplements. It describes everything from their functions to their key ingredients.

MusclePharm states that its investment in research and development makes it “the only nutrition company” with the resources to screen “every element of the athlete’s training” and to “fine-tune supplements” to athletes’ performance regimes.  

After just a year in business, MusclePharm was nominated for 14 awards in 2011, and won three: “New Supplement of the Year”(Assault – pre-workout), “Breakout Brand of the Year” and “Best Packaging”.

In 2013, the brand won 17 of these awards, including “Brand of the Year”, “Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year” (Assault), and “Breakout Supplement of the Year (Z-Core). In 2014, MusclePharm was nominated for 25 awards.

MusclePharm’s best-selling products are protein-based: Combat Powder, Combat Crunch Bars, and Combat 100% Whey. However, its Assault and Wreckage pre-workouts are also very popular.