Muscle Elements 212 Powder Reviews

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212 Powder Reviews
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About 212 Powder

212° Powder is a thermogenic fat burner made by Muscle Elements. It is formulated to increase weight/fat loss, control the appetite, improve mood, and enhance mental focus.

According to the product website, it uses caffeine to fight the fatigue that could accompany a calorie-controlled diet. L-theanine is said to work alongside caffeine to reduce stimulant-based anxiety and induce a “calm alertness”, while green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acid and is thought to regulate blood sugar and burn fat.

Meanwhile, juniper berry and uva ursi are diuretics, which may help reduce water retention. 212° Powder is – or has been – sold in several flavors. These include “Coconut Lime”, “Sour Gummy” and “America Pop”.