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About Muscle Elements

Founded in 2013, Muscle Elements is a supplement company based in Boynton, Florida. 

Its founder is Eric Tomko, who started the company with the goal “to be the most trusted brand in the nutritional supplements industry. According to the Muscle Elements website, the brand bases its reputation on its “innovative, result-producing and high-quality products”.

It also shuns high-profile celebrity endorsements and shallow claims in favor of “no-bull” and “no-hype” products that are “designed for results”. The brand says that its driving motivation is to “create products that will Build a Better You with Me”. It goes on to say that its employees use their “specialized knowledge” in ingredient sourcing and manufacturing, as well as marketing and research and development to help users achieve their aims. 

As part of its mission to “back up” every claim it makes, no Muscle Elements products use proprietary blends. This helps guarantee that customers know exactly what they’re buying.

The brand’s flagship product is The Truth – a “clean” and “pure” protein powder that the brand says is not only “affordable”, but “tasty as hell”. With The Truth, Muscle Elements disavows amino spiking and promises a superior protein powder without “recombinant bovine growth hormones” (rBGH), “artificial colors”, “artificial sweeteners”, or “artificial flavors”.

As evidence of these claims, Tomko says that every bottle of The Truth is stamped with a link to the Certificates of Analysis, which customers can go online to view, download and even print.

While the company uses an external manufacturer to produce its protein powders, it states its determination to ensure that the third party in question has the correct certificates in place. As a result, the company is able to maintain the integrity of its supplements all through the manufacturing process.

The Muscle Elements supplement range also includes amino acids, pre-workouts, recovery products, and fat burners. The brand’s main featured user is Rie Desko, who credits Muscle Elements as a big help in her fitness journey.