MTS Nutrition Machine Greens + Multi Reviews

Machine Greens + Multi Reviews
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About Machine Greens + Multi

Machine Greens + Multi is a greens and multivitamin hybrid made by MTS Nutrition. It is designed to provide “multiple servings” of fruit and vegetables, as well as a range of different vitamins.

The product features several different vegetables in its “Green Balance Blend”. These include beetroot, pumpkin, artichoke, barley grass and more. According to MTS Nutrition, this blend could help you maintain “healthy blood sugar levels” and boost “energy and stamina”.

Its “Super Fruit Blend” features pomegranate, strawberry, blackberry, mangosteen, grape seed and more. The manufacturer says this blend may help you “combat freed radicals” and improve heart and brain health.

In addition, the vitamins in the formula are included to help improve general health.