MTS Nutrition Machine Carb 10 Reviews

Machine Carb 10 Reviews
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About Machine Carb 10

Machine Carb 10 is a carbohydrate product manufactured by MTS Nutrition. It is designed to provide “sustained” energy and to help support muscle growth and recovery.

Each serving contains 25g of carbohydrates, 2g of which are sugar. A single serving also holds 1g of total fat and 110 calories.

According to the MTS Nutrition website, the product contains a carbohydrate “derived from peas”, which could mean it provides a boost without causing energy crashes.

Each 2lb container of Machine Carb 10 provides twenty-nine 31g servings. The product is also available in 5lb containers and flavors include (or have included) “Cookies and Cream” and “Unflavored”.