Metabolic Nutrition E.S.P. Reviews

Category: Pre-Workout
Sub Category: Stimulant
E.S.P. Reviews
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About E.S.P.

E.S.P. (also known as ESP) is a pre-workout made by Metabolic Nutrition. It is formulated to raise focus, power and endurance during training.

E.S.P. contains beta-alanine citrate - a non-essential amino acid that is said to increase carnosine levels and help buffer lactic-acid buildup to reduce soreness.

The pre-workout also contains trimethylpurine-2 6-dione, which is better known as caffeine. This common pre-workout ingredient is thought to boost energy, endurance, strength and endurance.

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT is said to help boost concentration in stressful situations, while choline bitartrate is believed to sharpen reaction times and reduce fatigue.

Flavors include “Green Apple”, “Watermelon”, “Blue Raspberry” and “Fruit Punch”.