Met-Rx MyoSynthesis Whey Reviews

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MyoSynthesis Whey Reviews
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About MyoSynthesis Whey

Made by Met-Rx, MyoSynthesis Whey is a whey protein powder. It is designed to promote post-exercise recovery and “satisfy appetite”.

The formula’s “Protein Blend” features whey concentrate, whey isolate and calcium caseinate. This supplies 25g of protein and 6g of total fat. The product also features 10g of total carbohydrates, which includes 1g of sugar and 5g of dietary fiber.

In addition, the formula contains 3.5g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), which are said to promote protein synthesis, muscle growth and aid recovery.

According to the Met-Rx website, the protein powder is “instantized for easy mixing”.

The product is sold in 2.68lb containers.