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About Met-Rx

MET-RX is a US-based nutritional supplement brand that first appeared in 1991.

Its founder is Dr A. Scott Connelly, MD. He originally started MET-Rx, Inc to stop seriously-ill patients from losing muscle mass.

After Bill Phillips (American entrepreneur and fitness author) discovered Met-Rx, the two men began a business partnership and started marketing the brand’s original meal replacement products to bodybuilders and athletes.

Connelly sold the company to Rexall Sundown, Inc for $108 million in the year 2000. MET-Rx’s current owner is New York-based The Nature’s Bounty Co. Its original headquarters were in Irvine, California, but it is now based in Bohemia, New York.

The MET-Rx website declares its mission to prepare “athletes to dominate on the nest level”. It says it achieves this by providing the “innovative means” to hone users’ “body, mind and skill”.

Several MET-Rx products are certified by Informed-Sport – a globally-recognized program which tests supplements for substances which are banned for sports competitions. As a result, MET-Rx products are proven to be free from banned ingredients and can legitimately lay claim to be ‘trusted by sport’.

The company has also entered into lucrative sponsorship deals with athletes, bodybuilders and sports governing bodies. These include the World’s Strongest Man competition (official sponsor), Leonard Fournette (NFL running back) and Justise Winslow (NBA small forward).

To highlight MET-Rx’s desire to push its customers to train to reach “the next level”, it persuaded Fournette to melt down one of his trophies so that the metal could be used to create a set of kettlebells and free weights. The football star then delivered the equipment to Raines High School in Jacksonville, Florida. 

MET-Rx products include protein powders and bars, BCAA, pre- and post-workouts, and daily nutrition products. One of its most popular supplements is HMB-1000, a “muscle and strength support” product that is very well-rated on third-party sites like Another popular and well-rated MET-Rx product is the Big 100 bar, a meal replacement that comes in six flavors and contains 31g of protein.

MET-Rx was named’s Supplement Company of the Month for November 2018.