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About Merica Labz

Merica Labz is a Virginia-based supplement brand. It was launched in 2012.

The brand is the “brainchild” of Doug Miller (CEO- Core Nutritionals) and Kenton Engel (CMO – Core Nutritionals).

It was born out of the founders’ observation that the “best-formulated products were not the ones that sold the most”. In other words, they believe that many subpar supplement companies survive and thrive through “over-the-top marketing”. But by contrast, better products with lower-key branding don’t sell as well.  

Merica Labz’ is the founders’ answer to this problem – it uses “fun” branding,  with Core Nutritionals’ core values. That means Merica Labz contains “no proprietary blends”, “clinical doses”, “no fillers” and “no artificial coloring”. In a promotional video on YouTube, Miller says the over-the-top nature of the brand also extends to its products’ distinctive names and tastes.

The Merica Labz product line includes Red, White & Boom (pre-workout), Stars ‘N Pipes (‘pump agent’), Patriot’s Whey (protein powder) and Liberty Ballz (testosterone booster).

As part of the loud and patriotic branding, the Merica Labz website displays a jokey, far-fetched ‘all-American’ story behind the brand. The website tells readers how the founders are rumored to be descendants of George Washington and left school in the middle of first grade to create the “most ‘Merican dietary supplements the world would ever know”.

As a well-known natural bodybuilder, Miller says he only makes products that he’d be glad to take himself – and that applies to both the Merica Labz and Core Nutritionals brands. For this reason, all Merica Labz products are manufactured to a “pharmaceutical level” at an FDA-registered, cGMP-certified facility. Some of the brand’s products are also humorously certified “vegan-free”.

Merica Labz’ sole sponsored athlete is Derick Carver – a former member of the 82nd Airborne Division and military veteran who, despite losing a leg in combat, later became a respected strength athlete.