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About MaxQ Nutrition

MaxQ Nutrition is a supplement company for “elite athletes”. It has headquarters in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, South Africa, the Middle East and Australia. Its US base is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Right Fitness and Nutrition, LLC owns the US trademark for the brand, which was filed on October 10, 2017. One of its co-founders is Mike Caron – an experienced business owner based in Ottawa, Canada.

The website asserts the brand’s devotion to making and selling “premium” supplements designed for those who refuse to “settle” in their search for the right supplements. It says it achieves this with “scientifically-formulated” natural products. 

In addition, these supplements are designed to help athletes “break through the ceiling of [their] physical limits”. What’s more every MaxQ Nutrition product only contains ingredients deemed safe and legal by pro sports organizations.

Those at the company also say their products fuel an “insatiable fire burning within” their users and that “second place isn’t an option”. With aim of constant improvement in mind, every MaxQ Nutrition product label uses a “fully exposed” formula with no proprietary blends.

So what’s the science behind MaxQ Nutrition? Well, the brand says that “timing is [almost] everything”. In other words, its products are designed to be taken within a specific “anabolic window of opportunity”.

In other words, MaxQ Nutrition pre-workouts contain ingredients that help users “maintain high glycogen content” and help slow down the breakdown of muscle proteins to boost strength and endurance, while also “promoting muscle growth”.

Meanwhile, the brand’s intra-workouts keep “your fuel tank full” with the “right fuel” at the right time. To further emphasize the research behind every MaxQ Nutrition, the company makes a list of scientific studies available on its website.

In addition to pre-workouts and intra-workouts, the MaxQ Nutrition product line includes CapsiLean. This weight-loss aid designed to help users burn fat, reduce belly fat, boost their metabolism, increase energy and slow down carb absorption.