Life Extension 5 Lox Inhibitor Reviews

5 Lox Inhibitor Reviews
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About 5 Lox Inhibitor

5-Lox Inhibitor is a joint-support product made by Life Extension. It was created to reduce inflammation in the joints.

The product features one key ingredient: Boswellia serrata (as AprèsFlex®). Life Extension says it includes this Ayurvedic herb to “inhibit the 5-lipoxygenase enzyme”. The manufacturer goes on to state that it uses AprèsFlex® (a standardized form of the herb) to ensure it is better absorbed by the body.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, each of which holds 100mg of Boswellia serrata. The instructions for use state that you should take one capsule per day, which means that every bottle of 5-Lox Inhibitor provides a 60-day supply.

The product uses vegetarian capsules.