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About KOS

Also known as KOS Naturals, KOS is a plant-based supplement company. It launched in 2017 and is based in Goleta, California. The company’s registered name is KOS Naturals, LLC.

According to the KOS website, KOS takes it name from the Greek island of KOS. This is because the brand is based on the principles of Hippocrates – one of the most lauded figures in the island’s history.

The “Father of Medicine” created the instruction to “do no harm” and to “use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients” – the two main principles with which the people behind the KOS brand feel most connected.    

The KOS website says that as the world’s population is expanding, we must seek more efficient food production methods. The brand goes on to state that its dedication to plant-based sources protein comes from the fact that’s it’s less “resource-greedy” than meat.

According to the KOS Help Center, the brand follows all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to ensure all its products meet the proper standards of purity, strength and composition. Every batch that passes through the KOS factory is tested for “a full spectrum of contaminants” – including bacteria and heavy metals.

What’s more, all “nearly every” ingredient in the KOS range is certified organic – which means its free from pesticides, GMOs, hormones and artificial colors and sweeteners. The brand’s products are split into just two categories: “KOS Protein” and “KOS Pantry”.

The Protein section includes just one product in KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein – designed to “cover all the amino acids” without “bloat-producing lactose” and other by-products which can rear their heads in whey-based protein.

The website devotes most of its Pantry section to a range of organic products for “immune system health”. These include spirulina, beetroot, red reishi, and moringa – all of which come in powder form. The Pantry category also boasts a “detox & cleanse” section – this includes organic wheatgrass powder and organic chlorella powder.