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Mass JYM Reviews
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About Mass JYM

Mass JYM is a protein powder made by JYM Supplement Gainer made by JYM Supplement Science. It is designed to help users increase lean muscle mass.

A single 74g serving delivers 30g of protein, which is made up of 15g of micellar casein, 12g of whey and 3g of egg protein. One portion also provides 4g of total fat and 30g of total carbohydrates (including 10g of sugar and 4g of dietary fiber).

The manufacturer states that the product features added conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) to help “build muscle and strength while aiding fat loss”.

Mass JYM is available in three flavors: “Tahitian Vanilla Bean”, “Apple Fritter” and “Chocolate Mousse”. The product is stored in 5lb (2.3kg) containers.