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About Inspired Nutraceuticals

Also known as Inspired Nutra, Inspired Nutraceuticals was founded in 2014. It began life in California, but relocated to Saint George, Utah in 2017.

The company’s founder and a president is Chris Waldrum - a “self-made” entrepreneur who stakes a claim to be proof that “you can attain a level of success without some kind of certificate”. In addition, an article in the Orange County Register calls Waldrum “the real deal”.

The founder says his time in the supplement industry started when he began working at a nutrition store in Bakersfield, California. He was then hired by hired by Dymatize – and all this time around supplements aroused his passion for the industry. Not least, it gave him the distribution contacts he needed to start his fledgling business.

Waldrum also says that he approaches everything with a “street-view perspective” - from the purchase of raw materials, to FDA regulations and international trade.

Perhaps in contrast to some other supplement companies out there, Inspired Nutraceuticals says it was “built off integrity”. The brand says it follows principles of “passion over greed”, “knowledge instead of hype” and “truth instead of gimmicks” – all of which are “rarely seen these days”.

All Inspired Nutraceuticals products are developed, formulated and made in “a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical facility”. The company says this allows it to offer “premium” products that dose each ingredient correctly and give users the results they want. The hashtag on the company’s social media is “#NOFCKNFGIMMICKS”.

The Inspired Nutraceuticals line is split into four categories: fat burners, pre-workouts, intra-workouts and post-workouts. Its best-known fat burner is Kor – newly updated in 2018, it’s designed to increase energy, improve mental focus and support weight loss.

DVST is the brand’s flagship pre-workout and is formulated for “extreme focus”, provide “intense energy” and provide “massive pumps” in the gym. Meanwhile, its intra-workouts include BCAA and carbohydrate sports drinks.

From its inception, the company wanted to create branding that “appeal to both men and women”, which is why the brand’s products have a “crisp, pharmaceutical look”.