Insane Labz Schizo Reviews

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Sub Category: Stimulant Free
Schizo Reviews
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About Schizo

Schizo is a stimulant-free pre-workout made by Insane Labz. It is designed to raise energy, endurance and focus without the use of caffeine.

The product’s ingredient list highlights several common pre-workout ingredients. These include creatine, which could raise the amount of energy in the muscles to improve performance and increase mass and strength.

The formula also features betaine, which has been linked to increases in size, strength, muscular endurance and weight loss.

Juniper berry (as AMPiberry) is said to help reduce water retention and increase energy levels.

Insane Labz Schizo comes – or has come – in a number of flavors. These include “Pink Lemonade”, “Fruit Punch” and “Gummy Candy”.